solo show

'A Life Seen through cut outs'

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45 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000

10th april - 5th may 2018

exhibition opening Tuesday 10th april 5pm - 7pm

Typically, Kerry Armstrong paints from events, memories and emotions. ‘Paddocks for Ponies’ was the first series that saw her subconsciously exploring her future. Paradoxically, what started as a draft for impending plans has seen the needle now draw back across the past.

Reflecting a subconscious discovery of child-like memories and instances, Kerry approaches each piece with a strong sense of play and naivety. Within the process she is always seeking to build an understanding of the narrative rather than create the aesthetic value in the piece.

Feeding from spontaneity, the palette contains a sequence of numeric and tangible values. Working with decisive idiosyncratic colours, she maintains an integrity and powerful emotion with each purposeful stroke. Finding figuration through means of abstraction, Kerry flagrantly makes marks in order to feel her way sequentially through the process of the piece. The intuitive nature of her strokes recalls a memory wrought with purpose and emotion.

Preferring a degree of physical separation and otherness when reflecting on her works, Kerry works to a large scale. Aiming to feel engulfed by her piece ultimately small by comparison she uses scale to amplify play and purity. Viewers of the work are invited to feel absorbed and drawn into the narrative along with the artist through scale.

Applying the same spontaneity and child-like principles, materials are not used sparingly. Simultaneously investigating contrasting textures of oil and acrylic paints Kerry moves with a rapid motion, working with the piece until reaching a subconscious resolute.